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Research Challenges

Building a large-scale, well-instrumented, easy-to-use testbed, which operates in public spaces and involves the general public as participants, requires us to tackle several difficult technology challenges. Below highlights the key research innovations and the projected ambitious end-of-project technical capabilities—we emphasize that this ambitious research vision is one of the primary drives behind the confirmed participation of several global-scale technology and service partners. These research breakthroughs will lead to IP creation for both infrastructure partners and services companies, particularly those operating in the mobile IDM space.


Key Research Breakthroughs and Capabilities Targeted by LiveLabs

LiveLabs proposes to enable lifestyle-related experimentation at 3 distinct location types in Singapore. It uses a pure opt-in model, where testbed participants must explicitly sign-up to obtain the advanced Apps and services. These 3 selected locations capture key lifestyle behavior in 3 distinct categories, and also reflect the strong organizational support LiveLabs has received from the operators of each of these 3 locations (i.e., from SMU, CapitaMalls Asia, and Sentosa).
  • LiveLabs@SMU is a campus-wide testbed that tests advanced broadband wireless technologies, as well as new high-bandwidth the multimedia-oriented services and Apps. SMU offers the right downtown spatial scale, ~6000-7000 potential youth participants engaged in collaborative media consumption and an environment with transient data hotspots (caused both due to student lifestyles and the intermittent events occurring around the downtown campus).
  • LiveLabs@Malls are indoor WiFi-based testbeds that support experimentation with new forms of pervasive retail applications and services, such as context-based dynamic promotions and social/group purchasing.


  • LiveLabs@Sentosa is a mixed indoor-cum-outdoor testbed, which will focus primarily on advanced leisure/tourism-oriented offerings and services (such as guest movement optimization among attractions), as well as enable testing of promotional strategies/services for F&B businesses.


Last updated on 03 Sep 2015 .