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Each customer respond to deals based on their unique interests. With LiveLabs, we analyse individual group activities and enables partners to send you interest- based promotions.

  1. You will get access to cutting-edge applications that span domains such as media, social networks, retail, and others before they reach the general public. For example, you will get access to applications that can:
      1. Let you find and interact with friends near you, even inside buildings.
      2. Automatically schedule meetings for all your class projects and automatically reschedule them when project members are running late.
      3. Provide insights on time spent on various mobile activities.
      4. Inform you of which parts of the campus are less crowded, so you can find available self-study areas.
  2. Deliver vouchers and discounts specifically crafted for YOUR preferences and likes!
  3. Since we are still in our initial stages of our launch, your participation and feedback will shape how LiveLabs evolves in the coming months.

Data Collection

  1. LiveLabs will collect information about your location and current activity.
  2. This data allows the applications and discount/incentive providers to tailor their features and promotions specifically for you.
  3. The LiveLabs application should have minimal impact on your phone. We have full-time staff supporting this application who will respond to any issues immediately.



Last updated on 30 Jul 2019 .