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Intervention Engine

Customers do not appreciate random deals since they have their own preferences in different contexts. With the LiveLabs Intervention Engine, we analyse individual and group context and enable partners to send appropriate context based promotions.

With the emerging popularity of smartphones, mining mobile data such as app usage, browsing patterns, GPS data, etc. now allows for detailed profiling of users based on their preferences and lifestyle and generalize human behavioral patterns.
Challenges in Targeting the Prospective Customers
  • Proper Identification
    Directing promotions to prospective customers and not just random customers based on their preferences.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    Analyzing the change in individual’s/group’s preferences based on their current context
  • The key challenges in this system are twofold:
      Building intelligence to infer users’ context from the raw data and derive an individual’s or group’s context-based preferences.
      Designing a flexible user interface that can capture as many different contexts as possible.
LiveLabs Intervention Engine




Last updated on 03 Sep 2015 .