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Archan MISRA
Director, LiveLabs

Professor, School of Info. Systems (SMU)
Email: archanm [at]
Phone: +65 6808 5202

My research interests are mobile sensing and near-real time stream analytics. This stream explores technologies for deriving the activity context of individuals using smartphone embedded sensors, and using such context to optimize mobile/rich media applications. I am also interested in Cyber-physical software systems, with a specific focus on how programming abstractions/software frameworks can be developed to easily integrate infrastructure sensors with smartphone-based sensing.
Rajesh Krishna BALAN
Director, LiveLabs

Associate Professor, School of Info. Systems (SMU)
Email: rajesh [at]
Phone: +65 6808 0879

My main research area is in developing new and novel mobile computing applications. These applications range from traffic management to social networking to digital wallets. I am also interested in mobile multiplayer game infrastructures, resource management issues on constrained devices, and software engineering issues related to distributed software development and system migration. More details about my various research projects can be found here.

Last updated on 30 Jul 2019 .