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The LiveLabs is an innovation platform for developing and testing advanced technologies for large-scale, spatially-distributed behavioral testbeds, embedded in multiple real-world public spaces.
These testbeds enable both network infrastructure companies and consumer-driven products/service companies to explore the cyclic dependency between a) the capabilities and features of an advanced telco infrastructure and b) advanced the lifestyle-oriented digital applications and services that leverage upon such an ICT infrastructure. More specifically, LiveLabs provides the following benefits:

  1. On the Infrastructure side, LiveLabs helps telcos optimize their significant investments of new technology upgrades (e.g., femtos, LTE) by building technologies for a ‘usage adaptive heterogeneous network’, where
    • user activity context can be monitored at fine granularity and
    • such context is used to dynamically coordinate multiple access infrastructures (e.g., femtos, LTE, WiFi), at time scales of seconds, to address sudden localized data consumption spikes & mobility-driven computing demands. LiveLabs facilitates the deployment of such technologies by providing insight into how real consumers utilize such advanced capabilities as part of their daily lifestyles.
  2. On the Services side, LiveLabs provides retailers, service providers and applications developers a living testbed where they can test high-bandwidth, multimedia-oriented experimental Apps and services on real consumers in the real world. Unlike many other testbeds, LiveLabs is unique from other testbeds as
    • it provides such Apps and services with much deeper, finer-grained human context (e.g., location, activity) than currently possible, and
    • it exposes an automated provisioning service that frees such experimenters from many of the related chores (such as subject selection, privacy enforcement etc.).

Imagine a café, Coffee$, that dreams up an innovative new offering—for groups of 5 or more customers who visit their store.  Coffee$ offers a promotion of 30% off on the coffee bill+ 15 minutes of HD-quality multi-player gaming among the group members on their mobile devices. Today, experimentation with such a service would not be possible because a) a telco T-Hub would be unable to offer such a dynamic high-bandwidth service within the mall or store, especially during busy periods, as it is not sure if the investment is justified, and b) absent this, Coffee$ would not be able to test how users responded in real-life to this offer.


Last updated on 30 Jul 2019 .